Are you generating all the qualified inquiries you could?

Great marketing means more opportunities to build enrollment without wasting precious resources.

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What would maximizing enrollment mean to you?

– Higher program quality
– Better staff retention
– Business sustainability

Generate more revenue in your child care centers.

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Are your customers merely satisfied or enthusiastic ambassadors?

Exceptional customer service creates loyal customers and lifetime referrals.

Make it easy to increase your retention rate and your good reviews online and offline.

Are you ready to maximize enrollment in your child care centers?

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  • A comprehensive enrollment building training program
  • A strategic marketing path that generates more qualified inquiries
  • A trainer and coach who customizes solutions to your specific challenges
  • Resources and training tools to build your team and your revenue
  • A dynamic speaker for your next professional development event

. . . You have come to the right place!

Working with leading child care marketing expert Julie Wassom means more business for you. For over 30 years, she has inspired thousands of child care managers worldwide into success with customized training, coaching, and marketing consulting that builds and retains enrollment. Julie’s clients describe her as practical, professional, caring, dynamic, and transformational. In a word – RESULTS!

No one in the child care industry delivers enrollment results like Julie Wassom!


Do you want to generate more qualified inquiries? When you work with Julie Wassom, you learn how to apply proven online and offline marketing techniques specific to your target and needs.

Enrollment Sales

Do you need more enrollment? Child care companies who maximize enrollment can provide the highest quality and sustain their businesses. Let Julie customize a program to exceed your goals.

Customer Retention

What would better enrollment retention mean to your bottom line? Creating an exceptional customer experience is all about engaging families in meaningful relationships. What makes the difference?

I am so grateful to have had Julie’s support, encouragement, and constructive feedback to improve my marketing and enrollment building skills. It has been a significant factor in my ability to increase enrollment in my school by 163% in the last 10 months.

Jennifer Potvin

Director, Minnieland Academy at Doc Stone, VA

As the Chief Operating Officer of the company, I must say I am delighted at the results we have achieved together… an increase of 12% capacity utilization is the best performance I have experienced in my tenure in this multi-unit industry!

Karen Stokes

CEO, Xplor Childcare, TX

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  10. Your prospect can hear a smile on the telephone. 9. Smiling puts you in a good mood. 8. It makes you sound more pleasant to the caller. 7. It costs nothing. 6. It positions you as a helpful, friendly professional. 5. On the center visit, it tells the...

Did We Make the Right Choice? – Three Ways to Retain New Families

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What is the Altitude of Your Attitude? By Julie Wassom

The height of your success depends significantly on the altitude of your attitude. What you think about tends to come about. If you think you are going to convert each qualified prospect inquiry into an enrollment, you start with a big advantage. Likewise, if you...