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If you are a professional who wants to increase enrollment and market your center more successfully, these resources are the support you have been looking for.  Use these techniques and watch your enrollment grow FASTER!

Secrets to Closing and Handling Objections Julie Wassom
Enrollment University©

Single Videos-  $69.00 each

Entire Package- $825.00 (25% savings)

Enrollment University© is your online enrollment building support partner. It is results-oriented, one-of-a-kind training that includes….

  • A library of 16 on-demand Enrollment EXCELerator© training videos to make you a better enrollment builder. Get them individually or as a set.
  • MP3s of each video, if listening is easier for your schedule than watching
  • “Lunch with a Leader” live stream webinars and advice, featuring Julie and other industry experts
  • An online resource center of fully customizable templates, samples, and guidelines for growing your center’s enrollment faster
  • A series of downloadable infographics of Julie’s success formulas and motivational messages.

With Enrollment University©, you can log in to watch or listen again and again. Julie will be there when you can’t, to follow-up on skill application, share her expertise, and assure your marketing investment is being returned in increased enrollment and revenue.

If you do what Julie recommends, you will realize significant gains in your enrollment and retention. Julie is worth her weight in gold.

Dennis Vicars

CEO The Arista Group

Basic Techniques for Securing Enrollment Julie Wassom
Basic Techniques for Securing Enrollment Julie Wassom
Basic Techniques for Securing Enrollment Julie Wassom
The Enrollment EXCELerator© Video Training Program  Priced by # of schools

A comprehensive, easy –access virtual training series designed to help your company build enrollment faster, and keep it there. Use this manager-directed program for onboarding new directors, sharpening veteran director skills, and building effective marketing messages. Includes…


  • Sixteen 10-minute video training modules, on enrollment conversion skills, marketing, and enrollment management. Every lesson includes training, examples and dialogues, best practices, and action steps. View Table of Contents. Watch a sample excerpt.
  • Guide to Action Steps, a downloadable book of follow-up steps for each lesson. These are practical, easy ways for directors to apply the skills in their centers, and for field managers to use to coach directors.
  • Keys to Effective Use, a summary of recommendations on implementing The Enrollment EXCELerator© Video Training Program, tracking skill application in the centers, and assessing skill mastery.
Making Your Staff Your Marketing Partners Julie Wassom
Wassom’s 60-Second Enrollment Tips© Video Series                             $ FREE

Julie’s popular weekly one-minute videos delivered once a week via email. These brief, skill-based reminders keep marketing and enrollment building top-of-mind in director’s otherwise busy schedules, and give recipients creative, engaging ways to practice enrollment conversion techniques and build marketing skills.

The techniques you shared increased our enrollment from 73 to 107 children within 90 days!
Jackie Amos

Neighborhood Kids, FL

To build enrollent even faster,  The Enrollment EXCELertor© Video Training Program is Julie’s exclusive comprehensive training system for companies and organizations who want:

  • Sustainable high enrollment
  • A manager-directed onboarding program that really works
  • Easy-to-implement systems to assure enrollment building accountability

Click here to learn more about bringing The Enrollment EXCELertor© Video Training Program to your center management team.