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Check this page often for other resources to help you execute an effective marketing program and manage enrollment building. Anytime we find another terrific service, product, or organization, we will share it here!

Customer Relationship Management System

ChildcareCRM offers an industry-leading relationship management platform that helps child care centers build and maintain their enrollment efficiently.  ChildcareCRM® helps you effectively manage and market to your leads from initial inquiry to enrollment by providing a secure, cloud-based system that stores your valuable lead information and history. Enter lead/child data directly into the system or instantly capture it from your website’s inquiry form or hand-held tour KIOSK. Their data analysis tools help centers stay on top of conversion rates, identifying the best lead sources and trends.  You and your team will be able to manage follow-up tasks, track progress and automate marketing communication processes with more confidence than you ever thought possible! 

ChildcareCRM further simplifies enrollment through our online registration platform – ChildcareFORMS, which allows parents to complete registration forms digitally through a single interview.  ChildcareCRM’s portfolio of solutions allows child care centers to engage more effectively, convert more inquiries, and register children seamlessly, dramatically improving the center’s overall enrollment and marketing effectiveness and growing their business.


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Child Care CRM

Childcare Business Partner

Inspire! Care 360 provides back-office support, services, and solutions that streamline early care and education businesses to make them substantially more profitable. IC360 helps child care businesses achieve up to 20X the return on investment with services to help increase enrollments, attract and retain qualified employees, offer affordable benefits, provide professional development for staff, and use membership discounted buying power. Begin saving today!

Contact: Anthony A. D’Agostino
Founder and CEO

Child Care CRM

Additional Marketing Resources

Exchange provides resources to support early childhood professionals worldwide in their efforts to craft thriving environments for children and adults, including Exchange Magazine, books, articles, training kits, videos, and more. Julie has authored numerous Exchange Magazine articles and other products available at through Exchange Press.

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