The Enrollment EXCELerator© Video Training Program

Julie Wassom Enrollment Excelerator

How Can You Grow Your Centers Faster?

That’s how most organizations want to build enrollment. You can, but only if you…

  • Drive inquiry and registration conversions to a whole new level
  • Onboard new directors’ conversion skills faster
  • Increase the speed at which challenged schools fill to capacity
  • Improve your family retention rate
  • Develop field managers into exceptional enrollment coaches

The Enrollment EXCELerator© Video Training Program

What is The Enrollment EXCELerator©?


It is a comprehensive, user-friendly way to provide proven training that builds skills and gets results. Delivered in 16 videos of ten minutes each, The Enrollment EXCELerator© is designed to increase capacity utilization levels quickly and sustainably.

The accompanying Guide to Action Steps provides a clear path for follow up training and effective application for every skill within the series.

You will also receive Keys to Effective Use, a downloadable summary of recommendations on best practices for using The Enrollment EXCELerator© Video Training Program, tracking skill application in the centers, and assessing skill mastery.

Together, the videos and guides provide a platform for change, making The Enrollment EXCELerator© a transformational program to help you grow your centers faster.


  • New directors learn faster, conversion rates shoot up, and retention soars.
  • Veteran directors and challenge schools get the skill boost they need to bring enrollment levels up to plan.
  • Field managers become expert enrollment coaches, boost financial performance, and improve their own leadership skills.

“As the Chief Operating Officer of the company, I must say I am delighted at the results we have achieved together…an increase of 12% capacity utilization is the best performance I have experienced in my tenure in this multi-unit industry!”

Karen Stokes

COO, Xplor Childcare, Arlington, TX

Who is The Enrollment EXCELerator© for?


It truly takes a village to enroll a family, so The Enrollment EXCELerator© Video Training Program is designed to improve competency and performance of any team member responsible for generating inquiries, securing enrollment, retaining families, and center top-line financial performance…

  • Center Directors – new and veteran
  • Assistant Directors
  • Field Managers
  • Educators
  • Owners and Administrators
  • Executive Managers
  • Emerging Leaders

“Thank you for helping me to grow my business. I have successfully grown a school, it took over exactly one year ago, from 82 children to 129 children! You taught me marketing techniques that are both practical and useful in my everyday operations. They really do work!”

Stephanie Retherford

Director, Apex Academy, North Richland Hills TX

Why Julie is your Enrollment EXCELerator©…

Julie does one thing, and one thing, only in her work with child care companies and organizations… increase enrollment and the revenue that comes with it. She builds strong excited teams who can then provide higher quality, retain staff, and sustain the business.

For over three decades, she has trained, coached, and consulted with literally thousands of directors, managers, and owners worldwide to reach and exceed their enrollment goals.

Julie’s impact is undeniable, her expertise unsurpassed.

“On every occasion, Julie delivered, making us better with bottom line results that were real. She is engaging, Directors love her and, if they do what she demonstrates, you will realize significant gains in your enrollment and retention. Julie is worth her weight in gold.”

Dennis Vicars

President, The Arista Group, Inc, Sacramento, CA

FREE Bonus! – Wassom’s 60-Second Enrollment Tips from Julie

As The Enrollment EXCELerator© Video Training Program participants, your directors and managers will receive Julie’s popular weekly one-minute videos. These brief, skill-based reminders keep marketing and enrollment building top-of-mind in their otherwise busy schedules, and give recipients creative, engaging ways to practice enrollment conversion techniques included in the video training modules.

“You are a wonderful speaker. You have had a terrific impact on our company. We’ve become a success because of your training.”

Frank Reabe

CEO and Executive Director, Bradford Child Care Services, PA