In 2020 when our schools were closed due to COVID-19 we decided to embark on a journey of professional growth and development. I brought Julie Wassom onboard to coach our corporate and franchise school leaders on inquiry conversion and school-level marketing and my team responded very positively to Julie’s encouraging and kind coaching style. Throughout her time with KLA Schools, Julie’s industry knowledge and expansive skill set also helped us solidify our marketing department, layout a data-driven marketing strategy for the next two years, and grow the KLA Schools brand. Julie’s tried and true program is a large part of why KLA Schools was able to emerge from the COVID-19 closures stronger than ever. Julie is second to none in the industry and I highly recommend her for any education company that is serious about creating a culture of enrollment growth.

Roberto Ortega

CEO, KLA Schools, Miami FL

As the Chief Operating Officer of the company, I must say I am delighted at the results we have achieved together… an increase of 12% capacity utilization is the best performance I have experienced in my tenure in this multi-unit industry!
Karen Stokes

COO, Xplor Childcare, TX

Julie Wassom is a consummate professional – from the preparation and homework she does on an organization beforehand, to the thoughtful and catered attention that she provides throughout the experience – working with her makes an organization better. She encourages open-mindedness and thinking differently, while simultaneously bringing in best-practices and critiques from the field and from her expert-level experience. Julie’s approach requires institutions be accountable for creating marketing strategies and tracking processes which yield results – those results being more families feeling connected to and engaged with their community.
Zach Rolf

Director of Learning and Engagement, Temple Emanuel, CO

We are doing great with our wait list due to all the lessons you have taught me. Julie, you keep current with what is happening now. You know how to help us connect with all communities, which keeps us full in enrollment. I really love your e-mails and all your wonderful advice. You are the best with marketing.

Darlene Johnston

Director/Owner, The Little Mud Puddles Learning Center, Freemont CA

On every occasion, Julie delivered, making us better with bottom line results that were real. She is engaging, Directors love her and, if they do what she demonstrates, you will realize significant gains in your enrollment and retention. Julie’s organized, step by step approach makes marketing fun and “doable” for the Directors and staff. Julie is the real deal and has delivered for me every time with long term results which were sustainable and significant. The results are real and you will obtain positive results to your bottom line and an excitement level for your Directors which will impact the entire organization. Julie is worth her weight in gold.
Dennis Vicars

President, The Arista Group, Inc,
Previous CEO of Children’s Creative Learning Centers

Julie Wassom is one of the most effective consultants I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with… Her ability to train and coach our Jewish community’s nine early childhood centers toward excellence in marketing, enrollment conversion and family engagement was nothing short of miraculous. And it doesn’t stop there. Julie is also a superb project manager. She ably managed a complex initiative with nine sites and six consultants and many other vendors as part of our BUILDing Jewish ECE initiative. Julie and her team delivered remarkable results for all nine early childhood centers.
Lisa Farber Miller

Senior Program Officer, Rose Community Foundation, Denver CO

Your training has taken a group of educators (now directors) and turned them into sales people who are comfortable and confident converting leads into enrollments.

Gillian Gavurin

Director of Operations, KLA Schools, Miami FL

I am so grateful to have had Julie’s support, encouragement, and constructive feedback to improve my marketing and enrollment building skills. It has been a significant factor in my ability to increase enrollment in my school by 163% in the last 10 months.
Jennifer Potvin

Director, Minnieland Academy at Doc Stone, Stafford, VA

You’ve set the standard for many years of what marketing and sales is all about!”

Robert Benowitz

Former Executive Vice President of Operations, Primrose Schools, Acworth GA

I have to give you the credit for doubling my enrollment. Your programs and seminars have been the best investment I ever made.
Juanita Hall

Tender Care Learning Center

Julie has made a positive difference in the culture of our center… an excellent teacher and coach, her clear communication methods and vast knowledge of the industry are a winning combination!
April Pugliares

President, Town & Country Early Learning Centers, CT

The techniques you shared increased our enrollment from 73 to 107 children within 90 days!
Jackie Amos

Neighborhood Kids

What a fantastic course that was on Saturday. Now I will sound more professional and be able to get more enrollments!
Nicole Beasley

Child Care Educator, Elite Childcare Solutions, Australia

Thank you for helping me to grow my business. I have successfully grown a school I took over exactly one year ago from 82 children to 129 children this week.! Thank you again, for teaching me marketing techniques that are both practical and useful in my everyday operations. They really do work!
Stephanie Retherford

Director, Apex Academy, TX

I started using the telephone closing techniques I learned from you, and within a month, I enrolled over 20 new children!
Sue Abrams

Director, Children’s World Learning Centers

As a trainer, Julie is fun, engaging and on-target with her delivery. Best of all, Julie ensures that her classes go away not only with greater marketing knowledge, but also with the motivation to go back to their jobs and put their new knowledge to work!
Bob Feese

Director of Marketing Communications, Crème de la Crème Inc., CO

I listened to your audio training programs nearly 20 years ago when I first began my career in ECE. I’m still following your advice and mentoring with a fully enrolled mega-center! Thanks for all that you have done for our profession!
Kendra Kett

Executive Director, Abbott’s Center for Child Development, IL

The best sales training and marketing consultant we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with is Julie Wassom. Her knowledge of the childcare industry is outstanding! This, coupled with her competence and communication skills, makes her the best in her field.
Angela V. Megasko

President, Market Viewpoint, LLC, PA

If you want a successful conference, have Julie Wassom as a key part of your program!
Mary Van Den Heuvel

Executive Director, Wisconsin Early Childhood Association

Your last name should be Awesome instead of Wassom! I cannot say that I have ever before in my almost 18 years here attended a training that was so well thought out by the presenter!
Cyndee Tanas

School City of Hammond Head Start Program, IN

Julie is extremely knowledgeable in her area of expertise and every bit of information she shared was valuable and helpful.
Jenn Paterson

Edleun Education Learning Universe, Calgary, Canada

Having been a new owner of our school for just a short time, we found Julie’s advice to be highly beneficial… We have implemented everything she gave to us and highly recommend her services to any level of ownership, old or new.
Michelle Swank

Owner, The Lawton-Taylor Academy, CO

Every time I hear Julie I learn so much. Every time I use her practices, I enroll more!
Tina Jawell

Director, The Children’s Courtyard, TX

Julie’s knowledge in the child care business is second to none. I, and other colleagues, have praised Julie’s ability and expertise in the sector which has enabled her to develop child care businesses and increase occupancy levels. Julie goes above the call of duty, providing ongoing support to centers, as she totally believes that all centers are able to achieve sustainability and provide a quality service for young children.
Laura Henry

Managing Director, Childcare Consultancy, Surrey, England

What you have taught me about marketing our center has been life-changing for me. The marketing component was missing for me, but I didn’t know it. It has now become second nature, and even my staff is starting to talk to center visitors in ways that assure us of getting more enrollments. You helped us change the way we think and do business.
Jill Clanton

Owner, Get Ready Set Grow Childcare, Omaha, NE

Julie is an extraordinary expert on marketing within the children’s services community. Her knowledge and attention to detail have helped our programs grow and reach a high level of financial performance. She is easy to work with and offers a great value to our business leaders. I strongly recommend Julie to you.
Bob Siegel

National Director, Children’s Services, Easter Seals Inc, Chicago, IL

Julie has been a marketing icon in the industry for over 25 years…
Chuck Gibbs

President/CEO & Founder, ChildcareCRM, TX

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