You answered that enrollment inquiry right away, and you scheduled a time for the prospect to visit and tour the center. So how do you make sure they show up? Here are some ideas that work:

  1. Tour confirmation. Immediately email or text your prospect with the details of the scheduled visit. If you use a template, or a standard message within a CRM system, spend just a moment personalizing the message to the prospect’s expressed need or desire. Use the child’s name. For example, insert a sentence such as, “With our low teacher-to-child ratios, you can be assured Avery will get lots of individual attention.”
  2. Personal Call. If there are a few days between scheduling the tour and the actual center visit, you can impress your prospect by making a personal call. Even if you get voice mail, repeat confirmation details, let them know you are looking forward to their visit, and indicate your availability for additional information or questions. If you reach them, you can offer to email something of value, such as a newsletter, article, or lead teacher profile.
  3. Text a reminder. The day before the visit, sent a text reminder and ask your prospect to reply to confirm. If they simply reply, “No,” respond with a text message offering to reschedule. Let them know you will be calling with some good times for a rescheduled tour, and to see which might be best for them. Then be sure to call as you said you would. It builds your credibility and you will be more likely to retain them to tour completed.

There are two enrollment techniques at play here. First is perseverance. If you know your center fits your prospect’s needs, they will appreciate your sincere help and flexibility in moving them through the enrollment decision process. The second is personal care. The more they know you care, the more likely they are to show up.

Julie Wassom
The Child Care Marketing Expert and Coach
Marketing and Sales Speaker/Consultant/Author