Here is a question asked by another director like you:
How can you get a teacher involved in enrollment?  

Julie’s Answer:

Set expectations with your staff for their involvement as your marketing partners. Some of the actions you can reasonably expect them to take to help you with enrollment conversions are these:

* Know and use the name of the visiting parent and child

* Smile and greet the prospect and shake hands if she is nearby

* Bend down to speak to the child

* Speak to the parent about her classroom while the director takes over classroom duties

* When appropriate, engage visiting child in activities going on in the classroom

I like to say it is how the teacher ACTS that can help you win the enrollment. That acronym stands for :

A – Attitude

C – Communication with the prospect and child

T – Team values expressed (philosophy, briefed by director of parent’s needs before they arrive, etc.)

S – Sensory scenery in her classroom. How does it look, sounds , smell, etc.?

Your staff can be a valuable key in converting more enrollments. It is the director’s job to make them good marketing partner.

Julie Wassom
The Child Care Marketing Coach
Marketing and Sales Speaker/Consultant/Author