By Sierra Rossing, Content Marketing Specialist, ChildcareCRM

It’s no secret that the technology which is supposed to make our lives and jobs easier can actually feel overwhelming at times. Whether it’s that new home security device, your car’s GPS, or a software that supposedly helps optimize your business operations – we could all use a quick start guide so we understand what is required from us in order to use that technology effectively.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a software tool that helps child care centers automate the enrollment process through easy-to-use marketing campaigns, email and text templates, and more. CRM providers understand the importance of their users’ time and realize that child care owners and operators, like you, often have few moments to spare throughout your day as you manage staff, help with tours, spend time in the classroom, and manage business operations.

Daily Operations

In a recent episode of ChildcareCRM: The Podcast, Mike Hook said, “Go look at your day and how many different things you manage right now. You’ve got emails, phone calls, text messages, excel sheets, notebooks, google doc or share drive…”

“Pen and paper is the traditional method of logging and tracking enrollment inquiries for many center managers. It’s how directors and owners are used to communicating. But when you think of all the different ways you manage pen and paper, it really is quite burdensome. Though it may be comfortable, you’re actually doing more work than you need to.”

So, how much time does it really take to operate a customer relationship management (CRM) platform?

Once past CRM set-up and training, and you begin to use your CRM in your day-to-day operations, your work load actually gets lighter. You will only need to spend 20 to 30 minutes a day working in your system. These 20 to 30 minutes are mere seconds when compared to the time most directors were spending prior to adopting a CRM system in their centers.

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