A day in the life of a center director would make good reality TV. Your days can be unpredictable, demanding, and full of unexpected drama. Hopefully you are not jumping fences like the Bachelor or barely alive in the dessert like one of the Survivors. Seriously though, how do you even begin to find the time to follow up with enrollment prospects when you also need to fill in for absent teachers, resolve issues with parents, and complete that self-assessment form due today?

These three approaches can help….

  1. Prioritize follow up. Revenue from enrollment is the center’s ticket to providing a quality program, staff compensation, and business sustainability. History shows that only 1 out of 5 centers a parent contacts actually follows up, even though it is a significant decision factor. I like to say “The fortune is in the follow up”.
  2. Make an appointment with yourself to do follow up. Treat that time like an important doctor appointment you would not miss. Alert your team that this 15-20 minutes is “sacred time” – no non-emergency interruptions. Do nothing else during your follow up time. If you absolutely cannot do it as planned, reschedule for a time later that day.
  3. Use a CRM system. Though a manual system of tracking inquiries is better than nothing, a web-based Customer Relationship Management system provides a clear follow up process for your leads, alerts you regarding next steps with each prospect, and is available wherever and whenever you want. According to Chuck Gibbs, CEO of ChildCareCRM, a good CRM makes follow up easier by automating communication and enhancing lead management.

Whether it’s via phone, email, or text, following up with inquiries is a “must-do” step in successful enrollment building. With discipline, delegation, technology, focus, and a good dose of “Ohhhm,” you can make enrollment prospect follow up a non-negotiable part of every day. Who knows, maybe you will be the next one to write an episode of America’s Got Talent.


Julie Wassom
The Child Care Marketing Expert and Coach
Marketing and Sales Speaker/Consultant/Author