You built a good website for your center. It has lots of information about your philosophy, programs, and locations. You designed it carefully to be sure it is interactive, with multiple links to drive prospects and customers deeper into it and to take action to inquire. The site has a “Contact Us” link. Yet, you are still not getting the kind of traffic on your website that you had hoped for or that you need to get a good return on the investment.

What can you do to drive prospects to your website? Merely having a website is not enough to make it an effective marketing tool. Think about it like a car. Even if it has all the right features, a car cannot get you to your destination unless you drive it there.

You must use additional online marketing techniques and traditional off-line marketing to drive traffic to your site. Doing so will not only bring more visitors to your website, it will extend the reach and frequency of your marketing messages.

Off-Line Marketing Techniques:

  • Print your website address on ALL printed marketing materials, including your business cards, letterhead, booth banners, postcards, “Compliments of” stickers, etc.
  • Include your website address in any print, electronic, or broadcast advertising.
  • As you speak with inquiry callers, encourage them to visit your site and give them the address.
  • Put your website address on your center’s vehicle, making sure it is in large enough font to read easily from afar.
  • Add your web address to your voicemail with a statement such as, “…Please leave a message after the tone. In the meantime, please visit our website at”

Check Julie’s next blog for latest online marketing techniques to drive prospect to your website AND encourage them to inquire once there.


Julie Wassom
The Child Care Marketing Coach
Marketing and Sales Speaker/Consultant/Author