Do you ever say things like…

“If I could just fill those Tuesday/Thursday spaces in the Three’s, I could reach my enrollment goal.”

“How am I going to replace those four-year-olds who left when the nearby public elementary school opened a Pre-K classroom for less tuition and in the same location as their older siblings?”

“How can I compete with the neighborhood private school that tells parents the only way to secure a space in kindergarten is to attend their preschool?”

Parental preference, competition, and influential marketing tactics can make filling your school more challenging. Rather than lament the loss of what used to be dependable enrollment, marketing-savvy directors take a strategic approach to enrolling those hard-to-fill spaces. You hold the reins for influencing parents’ choices. This does not necessarily mean marketing harder or doing more of what you have always done. It means simply doing some things differently. Here’s what works today.  Read whole article


Julie Wassom
The Child Care Marketing Coach
Marketing and Sales Speaker/Consultant/Author