I just read an interesting article featuring a bicycle business with four locations. When the interviewer asked the owner what distinguished them from other businesses in their category, the owner said what makes them special goes beyond guaranteed lowest prices and great customer serviceSmart man! Though both are part of this company’s commitment and philosophy, he recognizes that it’s the little “extras” that separate them from their competitors. For this bicycle business, it’s things like a lifetime of free adjustments, staff committed not just to serving but to educating customers and helping them them choose the right bike and gear for them, free spin classes and organized bike rides in the community, same day service, Kids Trade Up program, and on and on.

My question to you is this. What are your extras? Think beyond the expected benefits you offer, such asquality and good service. Chances are your toughest competitors say they offer the same thing. Without ever having used your service or bought your products, your prospects cannot tell the difference and have a tough time choosing between you and them. However, if you know, define, and promote the extras you offer in a way that causes your potential buyers to perceive them as added value, you will be the easy choice and have customers flocking to you.

Send me the name of your business along with three “extras” you offer customers, and I will send you my Special Report, Stop Telling and Start Selling – Presenting the Benefits of Buying from You, absolutely FREE!

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