Though “Ready-Aim-Fire” may be good at the shooting range, the order is different for hitting the bulls-eye with your marketing messages.

Aim at the right target. Before you spend time, talent, and capital resources on any marketing effort, first determine exactly which target audience you are aiming to reach. What demographics must they fit to be ideal customers for your product or service? Depending upon your business, this might be age, professional level, family status, income level, etc. Also assess psychographic factors, such as their desires, lifestyle habits, and methods of communicating.

Ready your message. Next, ready your message to quickly communicate your unique image and your ability to deliver a solution your target audience wants. If your message is an advertising one, it should inform, persuade, and call your prospects to action toward purchasing from you. If it’s good, they will see your product or service as a silver bullet.

Fire your marketing message out in the right medium. Putting a terrific marketing message into media your target never sees is a waste. Know where they get information and where they go to research and purchase products or services like yours. Do they look to print, the Internet, social media, broadcast, face-to-face venues, or some combination? Using the right ones will help keep your response rate on target.

Julie Wassom
The Child Care Marketing Coach
Marketing and Sales Speaker/Consultant/Author