For all the marketing effort and resources you put into generating inquiries, how good are you and your sales team at converting those prospects into buyers? What are the critical three numbers to watch to learn how many inquiries you turn into business?

#1 – The conversion of the first contact from a prospect into a visit to your place of business. Whether this is a physical location or a virtual one, it’s critical that you know what percent are converted to the next step in the sales process.

#2 – The conversion of prospects who are at your business site, into customers who actually purchase from you. What percent are responding to your closing questions or calls to action by becoming buyers?

#3 – The overall conversion of inquiries to sales. What percent became your customers? Did they buy once or multiple times?

Set goals for conversions in all three categories. Track them and use this information to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses at each point in the sales pipeline.

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Julie Wassom
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