Capture More Personal Needs on Website Inquiry Forms

When you receive an enrollment inquiry submitted from the lead form embedded on your website, it will likely have some basic information about your prospect and their child. Yet most lead forms do not capture the real needs and desires parents seek to satisfy in this investigation stage of their search.

Since the first contact you make with a parent who has inquired about your center is critical to their continued consideration, the more you know what really matters to them, the more you can personalize your first response.

So how can you get parents to include it on the short web form they submit?

Ask for it very specifically.

Most website inquiry forms have a box that says, Comments or Notes or Questions. Though parents may give you some information in this box, this does not really ask your prospect to tell you what’s really important to them. to get that, use a clear, directive statement in that box, such as,

Additional information you would like to share about your child or your family


Specific interests, needs, and concerns

Make this small change on your lead form and see if it does not become the key to capturing good information you can use to begin to develop a personal bond with your prospects from your very first contact and throughout the enrollment decision process.

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