With enrollment inquiries coming in for your Summer Program and some parents even shopping early for fall enrollment, the prospect follow up you do now can pay big dividend in enrollment. I like to say, “The fortune is in the follow up.”

You know that follow up provides additional information and ongoing attention to parents still in the decision-making process, but do you ever think about what YOU get from good, timely follow up action?

What YOU get:

– a legitimate reason to re-contact your prospect. If you got permission during your call or visit, your prospect will expect your call.

– an opportunity to build prospect trust and rapport. The early care and education decision is a very emotional one. Building trust helps your prospect make a good buying decision.

– a topic to discuss upon re-contact. What questions do they have about the materials you sent, the upcoming event, etc.

– another opportunity to ask a closing question. Your goals are to schedule a center visit or get a commitment for the enrollment. Follow up gives you another chance to get there.

– a chance to learn other prospect needs. What other needs and desires does your service give your prospects. Remember to ask, ask, then educate.

– an opportunity to ask for referrals. If you truly cannot serve them, be proud enough of your program to ask who they know whom you might serve. Then contact them and thank the referring parents.

– prospects who feel you really care. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

– a commitment to stay organized. Follow up takes good time management, and that means being organized.

– a competitive advantage. In my experience in shopping centers, of every five who say they will send materials, up to three really do, and usually only one of those ever contacts me again. If you simply follow up well, you put yourself WAY out ahead of the competition.

Remember, to be well-received by your prospects, your follow up must be timely and of perceived value. For ideas on what to do for follow up and how to make the time to do it, contact our office to purchase the Exchange Press CD entitled, Julie Wassom on Marketing, which includes my article called Prospect Follow Up Pays Dividends in Enrollment, and 19 other articles I have written on marketing and enrollment building. Also, watch future Wassom’s Child Care Marketing Wisdom messages for more tips.

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