Do you sometimes feel like you are trying to build enrollment alone?

Enrollment University© is your online enrollment building support partner.

It is an affordable touchpoint service proven to give you and your team the enrollment conversion skills you need and the support you want in solving skill application challenges. You will have your own course log-in and will be able to return again and again for the training and resources you need whenever you want them.

With Enrollment University©, you can log in to watch or listen again and again. Julie will be there when you can’t, to follow-up on skill application, share her expertise, and assure your marketing investment is being returned in increased enrollment and revenue.

To assure you are on the fastest track  to maximizing center capacity and revenue to business success, start Enrollment University© today!


Enrollment University © is results-oriented, one-of-a-kind training that includes…


Enrollment University© is your online enrollment-building support partner. It is results-oriented, one-of-a-kind training that includes….

  • A library of 16 on-demand Enrollment EXCELerator© training videos to make you a better enrollment builder. Get them individually or as a set.
  • MP3s of each video, if listening is easier for your schedule than watching
  • “Lunch with a Leader” live stream webinars and advice, featuring Julie and other industry experts
  • An online resource center of fully customizable templates, samples, and guidelines for growing your center’s enrollment faster
  • A series of downloadable infographics of Julie’s success formulas and motivational messages.


“I am so grateful to have had Julie’s support, encouragement, and constructive feedback to improve my marketing and enrollment building skills. It has been a significant factor in my ability to increase enrollment in my school by 163% in the last 10 months.”

Jennifer Potvin

Director, Minnieland Academy at Doc Stone, Stafford, VA

Who is Enrollment University© for?


It truly takes a village to enroll a family, so Enrollment University©  is designed to improve the competency and performance of any team member responsible for generating inquiries, securing enrollment, retaining families, and center top-line financial performance…

  • Center Directors – new and veteran
  • Assistant Directors
  • Field Managers
  • Educators
  • Owners and Administrators
  • Executive Managers
  • Emerging Leaders

Julie’s tried and true program is a large part of why KLA Schools was able to emerge from the COVID-19 closures stronger than everJulie is second to none in the industry and I highly recommend her for any education company that is serious about creating a culture of enrollment growth.

Roberto Ortega

CEO, KLA Schools, Miami FL

Our School Leaders are already using their knowledge of the ‘Wassom Way’ and scheduling tours, Discovery Days and enrolling students!

Andrea Moy

Senior Admissions Manager, Endeavor Schools, Miami FL

Frequently Asked Questions


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    What is the difference between Enrollment University© and The Enrollment EXCELerator© Video Training Program?

    Enrollment University© is a multi-faceted package of training, including all 16 Enrollment EXCELerator© video training lessons, plus MP3s of each video,  live stream “Lunch with an ECE Leader” webinars, downloadable templates and forms, and a library of infographics on key techniques. It is for individual school use, via log-in and password.  It is ideal for individual school owners and smaller ECE companies to purchase an entire package for each individual center, and for larger companies to purchase for each enrollment-challenged school.

    The Enrollment EXCELerator© Video Training Program is a series of 16 training videos, the downloadable book, Guide to Action Steps, and a downloadable set of guidelines called Keys to Effective Use of The Enrollment EXCELerator©. It can be private labeled for your ECE company. It is designed for multiple school use and is priced according to the number of schools the purchasing organization will have using it. If you have more than 10 schools needing enrollment sales training, The Enrollment EXCELerator© will be a lower overall investment but will not contain the other package elements of Enrollment University©.

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    How is this Enrollment University© different from an on-site seminar?

    Rather than group training, which is costly for the host and information overload for participants, Enrollment University© offers short, online, self-paced individual lessons on one skill. Live “Lunch with an ECE Leader” webinars are also short and on one topic. You watch, remember, apply, and see results.

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    Why are the on-demand videos only 10 minutes long?

    Directors are busy. Each video lesson is about 10 minutes, presenting one enrollment-building skill and related action steps. This length of lesson is something most center managers can work into their schedules whenever it works for you. This is so much better than a long video or course you will not complete because of time constraints. And you can access an MP3 for each on-demand video in Enrollment University©, to download when listening is more convenient than watching.

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    Why does each on-demand video present only one skill at a time?

    Experience and research have shown that mastering enrollment skills in sequence, one at a time, improve overall success. Viewers become comfortable and confident with one skill and are more likely to move on to the next. By the time you have completed all 16 on-demand Enrollment EXCELerator© videos in the Enrollment University© Package, you are well-prepared to improve lead generation, enrollment conversion, and family engagement, retention, and referrals.  

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    Can each video be watched more than once?

    Absolutely! You can watch or download the MP3 and listen again and again. In fact, I recommend it. Spaced repetition is a key to learning.

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    Can I just purchase select on-demand videos for the skills we need for teams at challenge schools?

    Yes, you can purchase one or more of the on-demand video lessons individually for $69.00 each. However, there are several benefits to purchasing the entire Enrollment University© package.

    • You save 25% by purchasing the Entire Enrollment University Package over purchasing all 16 on-demand videos individually.
    • Skills build upon one another, so with the Entire Package, you have lessons to build all skills for new managers, and can have the entire series for veteran directors to pick select skills on which they need training
    • You get a greater selection of resources, because templates, forms, sample dialogues, and infographics are only accessible with the on-demand video skill each resource supports. With the entire Enrollment University© Package, you get them all.
    • Your entire center team can watch the live “Lunch with an ECE Leader” webinars under your center’s log-in.


    Purchase the entire package by clicking on the first thumbnail in the selections of live videos on the Marketplace Home page, entitled “Full Enrollment University© Package”.

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    What are the benefits to me of purchasing the entire Enrollment University© package for $825.00?

    · You save 25% by purchasing the entire package over purchasing all 16 on-demand Enrollment

    EXCELerator© videos individually.

    · PLUS, package purchase includes all monthly live stream “Lunch with an ECE Leader” webinars

    · PLUS you get access to customizable, downloadable templates and resources to help make

    enrollment building easier

    · PLUS you get a series of downloadable infographics of Julie’s techniques, formulas, and

    inspirational messages to use as you wish motivate your team.

    Purchase the entire package by clicking on the first thumbnail in the selections of live videos on the Marketplace Home page, entitled “Full Enrollment University© Package”.

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    What if I have the entire package, but cannot watch a live-stream webinar at the time it is presented?

    All these interviews and webinars are recorded, and you will get a link to watch at your convenience and as often as you like.

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    Can I use this series to train new assistant directors and key staff?

    For sure. I recommend setting a time to watch select lessons together, rather than just assigning a new team member to view the series. This way, your new manager can practice action steps with you so you can help him/her customize responses to your prospects. New team members not only gain practical skills that work; they gain comfort and confidence in this important center role. Putting your team through Enrollment University© also extends the value of this series for your center.

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    What’s to prevent one school from purchasing individual video lessons or the entire package and sharing it with numerous colleague centers?

    Purchase of either individual video lessons or the entire Enrollment University© package requires the use of a specific log-in and password tied to the single center. Though it is possible to share log-in and password information, only one viewer is able to access the videos within Enrollment University© at a time. If we detect abuse, we will investigate.

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    How about technical support?

    For any help making your purchase, contact We will respond to other questions and issues as soon as possible and will forward those we cannot address to the online platform manager.

    Get started with Enrollment University© today!