I recently went to a local automotive service center to get some services done on my car. With lots of choices for vendors, I returned to this shop, even though they are not the least expensive. Why? Because in addition to doing a good job, they bend over backwards to communicate and assure that I am satisfied. They have online communication, text messaging, loaner cars, and full educational materials about diagnostics and solutions. And of course, they send a follow-up email requesting a review. Though good practice, the post-service email review request is not that unusual and does not really set them apart.

However, they do one thing that goes beyond the norm to generate my loyalty and assure a good review. It is in addition to the messages they send electronically, which can get lost in all the others I read daily. Instead, what they do may be “old-fashioned”, but it works!

Scott’s Automotive and Service Centers sends me a handwritten thank you note on a branded notecard about ten days after I have purchased their services. On an inside panel of the notecard is an image, asking for my feedback and giving me a QR code for Yelp and one for Google.

It is the feeling this causes – that I am not forgotten, that they are there to assure my complete satisfaction, that anything I expected will be received – that makes the difference. And the QR codes makes it easy to leave a quick review right then.

What does this have to do with early care and education? The ECE purchase is far more feelings-based that car repair services, so imagine how your families need reassurance immediately following the enrollment decision. My question to you is this… What are you doing to go beyond the norm to generate loyalty and get that good review so important to generating more inquiries? Maybe hard mailing a handwritten thank you note with review site QR codes is not so old-fashioned after all!


Julie Wassom
The Child Care Marketing Expert and Coach
Marketing and Sales Speaker/Consultant/Author