As enrollment numbers have increased, so have those families you have to put on waiting lists. Those families may need to enroll elsewhere while they wait for you; however, constant communication with them will help them look forward to becoming part of your school’s family as soon as you have an opening.

Here are three ways to engage waiting list families and help bond them to your center until they enroll…

  1. Initiate periodic contact. Schedule some of the time you spend on prospect follow-up toward those families already on your waiting list. Rather than waiting for them to contact you as to the status on the list, you reach out to them. With what? In addition to the current position on the list, ask about the child, including what early education solution they have currently. Alert them to upcoming invitations you will be sending them. Ask what questions you could answer about child development. Include them in a special mailing for updated re-enrollment information and documents. Make an occasional call in addition to any texts or emails. Besides showing you care, this positions you as the knowledgeable, helpful professional they can trust.
  2. Include them in center communications. Every family on your waiting list should be asked if they would like to receive your regular center emails and communications, such as newsletters, parenting tips, updates available on your website and social media, etc. This not only makes them feel informed and included, but it also keeps you and your center top-of-mind until a space becomes available for them.
  3. Invite them to special events. When you add waiting list families to your special event invitation list, you offer them the opportunity to build community. This is so important to young families, with research indicating that one enrollment selection criteria is finding a like-minded community with whom they want to associate and grow. Whether it is a holiday event, a special parenting class just for your enrolled families, or a broader community event in which you are participating, including these families will engage them. It will also keep you on the shortlist for their child care choice, as soon they can enroll.

When you add a family to your waiting list, let them know all the ways you will be communicating with them. Then add them to your contact management system, group email list, and calendar of outgoing calls.


Julie Wassom
The Child Care Marketing Expert and Coach
Marketing and Sales Speaker/Consultant/Author