You have converted that inquiry to a scheduled center tour, and are happy about succeeding in the first conversion step toward registration. Whether the lead came in through a self-scheduler, your lead form, or a phone call, it looks like this prospect is moving toward a decision. You send an email welcoming them and confirming the time for their school visit. You alert the teacher, review their names and the information they gave you, prepare a packet, and set aside the time on your calendar.

Then, they do not show up for the scheduled tour.

How can you avoid losing these prospects in the inquiry-to-registration pipeline? Here are some tips to help improve your ratios of the tour scheduled to tour completed.

  • Book their tour ASAP. Research shows that the sooner you book the tour, the better. Suggest the same day, if the prospect is available. Capturing them when you are top-of-mind can help you get on the shortlist of centers they are considering.
  • Rapid tour time confirmation. Once you book the tour, send confirmation via text and/or email right away. Include an item of specific interest that addresses a need they expressed on the lead form or in your initial conversation.
  • Personal follow-up beyond CRM. Beware of depending only on your CRM to connect with the prospect who has scheduled a tour. This is a very personal decision for families, and they respond best when they get a personal call from you somewhere between their initial inquiry and the actual tour. Even if you get voicemail, your call says, “I care,” more than an email or text.
  • Send text reminders just before the tour. This quick reminder, sent either the day before or the day of the scheduled tour, can make a big difference in avoiding no-shows. BE SURE to end this text with the sentence, “Does this time still work for you?” Directors report that this works to get quick confirmation of plans to attend as scheduled or a request to reschedule ASAP.

Check your ratios of tours scheduled to tour completed, and use these techniques to make sure more of your qualified prospects remain in the enrollment conversion pipeline until they register to enroll at your school.

Julie Wassom
The Child Care Marketing Expert and Coach
Marketing and Sales Speaker/Consultant/Author