Converting enrollment inquiries to center visits and registrations can seem overwhelming, especially with so many other demands on your time and talents. However, there are three actions you can take to improve your enrollment conversion rate.

1. Respond rapidly to inquiries.

No matter how your lead comes in – web form, phone, or email – the quicker you respond, the higher up you are on the prospect’s shortlist of schools to consider. Respond by end of business day, if possible. If not, for sure within 24 hours.

2. Practice the most effective conversion skills.

When you keep the prospect’s perspective in mind, and practice what I call, “the five non-negotiable conversion skills”, you will be amazed to see what a difference it makes in the prospect’s perception of you and your school. When it is the right fit for their family, that good perception leads to easy conversion to enrollment. For more on the five non-negotiable conversion skills, subscribe to my free weekly “Wassom’s 60- Second Enrollment Tips”.

3. Initiate continual follow-up.

Many directors wait for parents to contact them after an inquiry call or center tour. That is a mistake. YOU initiate follow-up, immediately after scheduling a virtual or in-person tour, and often throughout the prospects’ decision-making process. Three keys to the receptivity of your follow-up are to make it timely, of real value to the prospect (addresses their expressed needs), and that it positions you as a trustworthy professional helping them make this important family decision. Another saying I like and repeat often is, “The fortune is in the follow-up.”

As long as enrollment building remains a primary responsibility of center directors and owners, these actions will help you increase your inquiry–to–registration conversions. When you do, it means more opportunities for families to join your school’s community, and more revenue to allow you to provide the highest quality program, retain the best staff, and sustain your business.

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