Maximizing enrollment takes multiple strategies and skills. However, there is something I like to call ”The Rule of Three”, because following these three rules can assure that you are going to be better at helping families make a good buying decision and getting them to act on your recommendation to enroll.

Rule #1- Make it personal. From the first inquiry, your response must be timely and personalized to the needs expressed by your prospect. One way to assure this happens is to use my Ask-Ask-Educate technique of needs assessment. Ask an initial open question to assess prospect needs and desires, such as, “What are you looking for in the early care and education you want for Arianna?” When they respond, ask another question before explaining anything about your school or program. For instance, you could ask, “How does Arianna best like to express her creativity?”  THEN, reply with brief statements that educate the prospect and want them to visit your school to learn more. After the school tour, make your follow-up as personal as possible, especially on calls.

Rule #2 – Gain prospect agreement to the benefits you present about your school that meet the expressed prospect needs. To do this, use short closed questions and vary them. “Is this what you are looking for?” “Do you think Arianna would be able to express her creativity in this classroom?” “Can you see Arianna in our center?” Do this throughout the inquiry conversations, on the phone, during the tour, and just before asking for a commitment to enroll.

Rule #3 – Assume they will enroll. For every family whom you know would be a good fit, act as though they will enroll, either right away or soon. How? Ask a good final closing question. Handle any objections with the Triple-A Formula. And follow up with information of value in helping them make this decision, using the Mail-Mail-Call Follow Up System and your CRM, until they enroll or tell you to stop. If you have done all you can do to be the knowledgeable, helpful, professional resource they can trust, your prospects will put a lot of faith in your sincere opinion and your follow-up attention.

Put these rules into practice, and smile as your enrollment grows to match your goals.

Julie Wassom
The Child Care Marketing Expert and Coach
Marketing and Sales Speaker/Consultant/Author