Since the pandemic began a year ago, ECE companies have had to make changes…lots of changes. You have had to pivot, reimagine, and reframe not only how you deliver your services, but how you market and build enrollment. Now, as we start to see the shift toward herd immunity and the lessening of restrictions, it is a good time to assess how demand may have changed and which of those changes you want to keep as your new normal.

Here are some of the changes you may want to consider keeping:
• Virtual learning options
• Part-time-to-full-time or flextime options
• Select safety protocols beyond what you had previously
• Website updates on transitioning back to pre-COVID capacity
• Porch Pick-up activities
• Virtual tour options
• Nanny share services
• Parent Zoom calls for Q&A or “Meet the Expert”
• Ongoing communication with “On Hold” and waiting list families
• Outside re-enrollment registration tables
• Enhanced referral programs for families and staff
• Enrollment incentive programs for families and staff

How do you decide? Ask your families what they like, what they would like to keep and for how long. Determine which were well-received, were good ancillary revenue generators, and those that retained families or caused them to re-enroll earlier than expected. Which have been good from an operational and revenue-generating perspective? Then, as you gradually transition back to pre-COVID ways of conducting your early childhood education programs and services, view those initiatives that restructured your business for the better, as change in your pocket. And keep the change.

Don’t you love a good double entendre?

Julie Wassom
The Child Care Marketing Expert and Coach
Marketing and Sales Speaker/Consultant/Author