With the beginning of the school year just a few days away, many parents are still hesitant about enrolling when we are still in the midst of coronavirus resurgences, ever-changing regulations, and uncontrollable economic uncertainties. Continual outbound communication from you can help allay their fears and position you as the caring, knowledgeable, helpful resource they can trust. Here are ways you can do that.

  • Banner on your website linking to page(s) on your safety protocols and procedures
  • Calling families to tell them how you address sanitation and safety against COVID-19
  • Providing virtual tours of the center and/or on-site tours after hours
  • Hosting Zoom calls with teachers for prospects and existing families hesitant to return
  • Sending regular periodic emails to both existing and prospective families with updates on regulations and impact on your programs, such as class size, entry procedures, etc.
  • Displaying a poster of sanitation procedures on a bulletin board in your center and showing it during virtual tours
  • Posting short videos of your school’s directors and staff demonstrating how you are following guidelines and providing a safe, clean environment for their children
  • Adding a short line of text in your email signature that links to a page of safety/sanitation procedures
  • Providing an FAQ page on your website and/or as a pdf you email to families and post in the school newsletter
  • Using social media to display photos of your safety procedures and your classroom adherence to protective measures while still providing excellence in your educational program
  • Email and post reviews and short videos of parents of enrolled children expressing their comfort with how you address coronavirus measures and the level of safety of their children in your care.

Watch for my next blog, Addressing Parents’ Coronavirus Concerns – Part II, on good ways to answer common objections parents may be giving you for not returning or for hesitating on starting as a new enrollee.

 Julie Wassom
The Child Care Marketing Expert and Coach
Marketing and Sales Speaker/Consultant/Author