As states re-open businesses in phases, rules for operating early childhood programs are uncertain and changing rapidly. Use these resources to help you launch your re-opening successfully, retain customers now or until you can serve them, and position your center to thrive well into the future.

1. LAST CHANCE – Tomorrow is the final free webinar in the series, Reimaging Your Child Care Business: Opportunities in a Time of Change, hosted by Hinge Early Education Brokers. To hear Greg McKeown address Essentialism: the Disciplined Pursuit of Less, register today!

2. Also this week, watch the webinar, 7 Keys to Enrollment Recovery, featuring Matt Amoia, CEO of ChildcareCRM and Michelle Burrows, CMO of Procare. ChildcareCRM and Procare Solutions have recently announced a partnership that includes two-way integration. Register at

3. Check out my series of ten COVID-19 Enrollment Recovery Support blogs:

I –    Communicating with Families While the Center is Closed

II –  Business Recovery Strategies to Take Now to Build Enrollment Faster Once You Reopen.

III – Engaging Parents to Maintain Community and Build Value during Lockdown

IV – Enlisting Parent, Staff, and Community Partners to Help Rebuild Enrollment

V –  How to Make Follow Up Work to Build Enrollment

VI – Activating Your Enrollment Recovery Plan

VII – Managing Enrollment during Re-opening Restrictions

VIII – How to Maximize Enrollment Midst Uncertainties

IX – Keys to Regaining and Retaining Enrollment Upon Re-opening

X –  Retaining Customers When You Cannot Enroll Them

4. Hinge Brokers teamed up with Exchange Press and Video Active Productions on a seven-part video series called From Surviving to Thriving: Creating a Way Forward in Challenging Times. Yours truly is a contributor on Part 5 on re-opening and re-enrolling. Access the entire set at

5. If you have not done so already, you can still access my webinar, Keys to Recovering Enrollment Post COVID 19 with co-host, Inspire! Care 360, and The Preschool Podcast on which I was interviewed by Himama CEO, Ron Spreeuwenberg, on tips on rebuilding enrollment upon reopening.

6. Watch for my article, Keys to Rebuilding Enrollment Post COVID-19, in the July-August, 2020 issue of Child Care Exchange.

To assure that your center management team and back-up staff are well- trained to rebuild and retain enrollment faster, check out my virtual training program – easy-access, user-friendly, password-protected, and best of all…affordable. The Enrollment EXCELerator© Video Training Program.

Julie Wassom
The Child Care Marketing Expert and Coach
Marketing and Sales Speaker/Consultant/Author