Don’t you just hate it? That inquiry call when your prospect’s first words are, “What is the price of your infant program?” This abrupt question can be unnerving and cause you to simply give the price and lose the prospect. Instead, practice these techniques to assist you in communicating your expertise and converting the call into a center visit.


  1. Use an active listening response. This tells the caller you will answer but also tells her what you need to give her the best answer. Use a response such as, “I’ll be happy to give you the price for our infant program. Our fees vary according to specific parent preferences, so may I ask you just a couple of questions to be able to give you the price that is right for you?”
  2. Ask a few brief questions to gather information. Ask only what you must know to give this caller a valid price for the number of days and program she wants.
  3. Follow your price statement with a trial closing question. Once you give the prospect the price and a brief summary of what it includes, immediately follow your statement with a trial closing question such as, “Does that sound like it could work for your family?”

If your prospect responds with, “Yes, it could,” or a similar positive response, continue by using good skills to convert this call into a center visit. If the response is something like, “You’re awfully expensive,” use your skills for handling an objection.

Be sure you are aware of the options for parents in your target market for financial assistance (military discounts, flexible spending account through employers, etc.). You may save a conversion just by sharing that some of your current parents have successfully worked with their employers to make your early care and education services available to their children.

You will find more techniques and sample dialogues on handling the price-only inquiry and the price objection in my enrollment building course, The Enrollment EXCELerator© Video Training Program.

Julie Wassom
The Child Care Marketing Expert and Coach
Marketing and Sales Speaker/Consultant/Author