You conducted a great center visit with a qualified enrollment prospect. Yet, when you asked her to enroll, she said “No”. She said she would have to talk to her husband, thinking he might object to the cost.

How do you give this qualified prospect the information she needs to convince her husband – or anyone else helping her make this decision – that enrolling in your center is worth it?

  • Use the first step of Wassom’s Triple A Formula for Handling Objections.
    Acknowledge empathetically that you understand the importance of discussing this important family decision with your husband. Then ask a question, such as, “Would it be helpful to you if I gave you some information to help you explain to him the long- term value of the experience you son will have here for the tuition you will pay?”
  • Offer benefit statements distinguishing your center’s features. On a branded one-sheet flyer, provide a bulleted list of the basic competitive advantages your center offers. Remind the prospect of the benefit to her of those differences in your center that most meet her expressed needs. For example, “We use an early childhood curriculum backed by the latest brain research, which assures you that your child will be ready for kindergarten.” The first part of the previous sentence is the distinguishing feature, the last part makes this a benefit statement.
  • Ask your prospect to schedule a time when she can return with her husband. If  this must be after your regular touring hours, it may be worth it, because once you get both parents there, you can use all the sensory benefits of your center to help you sell it. When they come together and you have answered all their questions, BE SURE to ask them to enroll.
  • Follow-up. If they did not enroll during their joint visit, call within two days and ask what other questions you can answer, and help them move forward toward completing their registration.

By practicing a combination of these techniques, you not only position yourself as the knowledgeable, helpful professional your prospect can trust, you significantly increase your chances of converting this prospect into an enrollment.


Julie Wassom
The Child Care Marketing Expert and Coach
Marketing and Sales Speaker/Consultant/Author