How many of you feel like it’s pushy to ask a center visitor to register for enrollment? Many center directors feel this way, when the reality is that prospects visiting your center in search of early care and education services actually like it when you ask them to register or enroll.


Your request that they enroll shows you confidently believe in the quality of services you provide and you want your prospect to benefit from receiving them.

You retain your desired positioning as a helpful, knowledgeable professional who is trying to help them make a tough, time-consuming decision.

You are taking action to help them act on your recommendation that they register now.

So how do you ask the closing question without feeling pushy?

Pick a question that is easy to ask.

Choose a style of closing question that you can comfortably ask your prospect when they appear to be ready to make a decision. For many people, that style of closing question is called “alternate choice”. These are alternate choice closing questions for a center visit:

  • Would you like to start Tanya this week or next week?
  • Would you like some privacy in my office to complete the registration paperwork or would you like me to assist you?

Alternate choice closing questions allow you to give your prospect a choice of two options; either choice means they are going to enroll. They are easier for you to ask and easier for your prospects to answer. When you ask a closing question in this way, many prospects will breathe a sigh of relief and pick one of the choices offered.

For more style of questions, check the program called Secrets of Closing and Handling Objections fromThe Enrollment Building Success Library.

Be sure the last thing you say in your closing question is truly a question. If you find yourself making a recommendation versus asking a question, you must add a question to it.

Next week we’ll discuss two more methods including the recommendation method.

Julie Wassom
“The Speaker Whose Message Means Business”
Marketing and Sales Speaker/Consultant/Author