While presenting a marketing seminar recently, one of the participants asked a very good question. He said, “How often do we need to refresh our web site?”

Though having a web site is very important, it’s not enough to just put it up and hope your prospects will visit it once and then call you. One of the goals in your web site plan is to get those visitors to come back to your site again and again. This is called “stickiness.” Once there, you can entice them to take some action on the site and hopefully, to contact you.

One of the ways to get web visitors back to your site repeatedly is to update, or refresh, it regularly. Anita Larsen, a web marketing expert here in the Denver area, says to follow the three-month rule of thumb regarding updates. At least quarterly, update pages on your site that will warrant a new look from prospects and referral sources. This might be updates of photos, calendars, or new centers or curriculum programs. Each quarter put a new article or tip sheet of interest to prospects on your page about center news. In the quarter prior to a major event at your center, be sure to add a notice or pop-up window that allows web visitors to register or put it on their own calendars.

Depending upon your setup, you webmaster can update your site, or you will have access to certain pages to update and change on your own. Learn what works for you and take advantage of this opportunity to create continued interest from your prospects.

When your website provides prospects and opinion influencers with a variety of information of value (not just advertising) on a regular rotation, you will become positioned as “the helpful, knowledgeable resource”, and that is a perception that can contribute to your prospects ultimately making a buying decision in your favor.

Do this, and then when your prospects need information, centers to visit, and a place to enroll their child(ren), your name and URL will stick in their minds like …SuperGlue!

Best wishes and happy marketing!

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