What are some tips on choosing good keywords that will lead prospects to your website?

For answers to these and other questions about website marketing, I interviewed two Internet marketing experts. Anita Larson is an Internet marketing speaker, author, and consultant and owner of The Web Muse. Heather Lutze owns Findability Group, offering search marketing services, including PPC, SEO, and social media. Heather is author of The Findability Formula.

Heather: There are three buckets of keywords. First are those entered into a search engine by the web surfer seeking information. This person might put in the word, “childcare” or “preschool”. Second are those words entered by people who are actively shopping. They might put in the words, “infant childcare”. Third are the words entered by the person who is ready to buy. This prospect might insert words, such as “accredited preschools in Larimer County”. You must know your target customer’s path to purchase and select your keywords accordingly.

Anita: Use keyword phrases of two to five words. Many visitors will type as many as five words into search engines. Separate keyword phrases with commas.

Julie: How can center owners learn exactly what words their qualified prospects are using to search online?

Heather:  The site, www.spyfu.com , gives you a range of bids and how many times a specific keyword or phrase is being searched.

Julie: Where should keywords appear on a site to help the search engines find you?

Heather: Be clean and don’t cross contaminate your keywords. Assign words by page. Use a limited number of targeted, highly related keywords in title tags and distributed in page body copy. Visitors are using search engines for focused, targeted, relevant search engine results.

Anita: In addition to behind the scenes placement such as title bars, meta tags, and meta descriptions, the first paragraph of text is also crucial. Search engines pick you up based on key words in your first paragraph.

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