In the spirit of repeating my marketing mantra, “Think in your prospect’s perspective”, this blog shares how those perspectives and expectations can change in what seems like a nano-second. Author Angela Megasko owns Market Viewpoint, a research firm whom I have referred to my clients for many years. Though the tips in this post refer mostly to retail, they are very adaptable to serving young millennial families seeking quality child care. For support in putting any of these actions into place in your center, please contact me at

New year, new goals.

Your goals, budget and expectations for 2017 were likely set sometime in 4th quarter of 2016, but it isn’t too late to look at the coming year with a new perspective.

What was right 3 months ago, for your customer, may not be right today.

Heck, what was right 3 days ago, may not be right today… it’s tough to keep up.

Broad View of Customer Expectations

Your customer base is likely pretty stable, but your customer’s expectations continually evolve based on technology, the current world economic situation, and political environment.

In 2017 expect your customer to:

  • Always be connected
  • Conscious of value
  • Demand authenticity
  • Expect an immediate response
  • Share their opinion

Let’s look at each of these trends a bit more closely

Always be connected – with 81% of Americans toting smartphones and DVR’ing on their HD TV’s, the average person spends about 10 hours and 39 minutes a day consuming media.

Your customer knows what you have, what it costs and how it stacks up against your competitor before even talking with you.

Conscious of value – According to the AIMIA Inc, Born this Way: US Millennial Loyalty Survey, 57% of the millennial market compare prices while in a store.

This group is willing to pay more for certain products, but you must prove that your product is worth the price they will pay.

Demand authenticity – Today’s consumers talk among themselves and research reviews online long before making the decision to purchase. Try

Try to pass anything less than the real thing to them, and you will have lost a customer before they walk in your door or log into your site.

Expect an immediate response – Your customer wants their product – and wants it quickly.

Most major stores – Walmart, Target, JC Penney – and many grocery stores, are now providing shop on line/pick up in store services. BOPIS (Buy on line/pick up in store) is here to stay!

Share their opinion – As shown in the recent presidential election, no one is safe from the opinions of others.

This is especially true of current consumers. Love you or hate you – they want the rest of the world to know.

Instead of worrying about who is saying what and where – if you deliver want your ideal consumer wants – you won’t have to worry about negative reviews.

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