Here is a question asked by another director like you:

Should I put a QR code on my business card?

Julie’s Answer:

QR Code, an abbreviation for Quick Response Code, is the square of black modules more and more frequently seen in consumer advertising due to its fast readability, large storage capacity, and the variety of information that can be encoded. Because business cards are small and already have very little space for the amount of information we print on them, you have to decide if what you code into a QR code is valuable enough to the recipients to give up what might otherwise be valuable space. Say, for instance, you have a QR code that links to an important page or well-done video on your website that would communicate your unique image to business card recipients, then having the code printed on the back of your card could well be worth doing. In this day of growing use of mobile devices to access information, a QR code on your business card can be a smart marketing move. If, however, it clutters up your card or causes you to omit other critical contact information, it may not be the best use of the minimal space you have for this marketing tool.

Julie Wassom
The Child Care Marketing Coach
Marketing and Sales Speaker/Consultant/Author