There are stars everywhere. Astrologically, the sky twinkles with them, some in constellations we recognize and seek out. In practical, down-to-earth terms, we use them to signify a measure of quality. Think about it – the star of the show, the star forward on the team, the rock star everyone loves, the star who won the Oscar.

In multiples, stars become a rating scale. Stars signify a level of quality. The buying public expects a five-star hotel or restaurant to be of highest quality and be worth the higher cost likely to match the multiple star ranking. Movie-goers flock to see the five-star films. Internet buyers look for star rankings on everything from books to hard goods to consumables. Reviewers know the buying power of public opinion, and how their rankings can impact sales.

So how does your center rank? Do you have enough stars to make a constellation that means more inquiries and more opportunities to convert and retain enrollments? Your center has four separate sets of star “reviewers”.

First are those in the ECE industry trained to assess the level of quality with which you operate and deliver early educational services. This may be a national accreditation team, such as those through NAEYC or NACCRRA, a state quality rating system, such as QRIS, or another official ranking program available to you.

A second set of opinion influencers with stars to give out are those outside the child care industry, but important to your prospects and customers, such as a ranking of centers by Parenting Magazine or another local media outlet who uses their own set of criteria to designate how full your constellation will be. Rankings by business organizations also hold merit for those customers who value them.

Your own prospects and customers are a third set of quality reviewers. They talk. Whether it’s on the job or online, many prospects are investigating their early care options via the public opinion of known friends and colleagues, as well as unknown sources such as those in the news media, on social media and in chat rooms. How many stars would they give you?

Last is YOU! How can you assure that your star ranking is as high on the quality scale as possible? Become your own reviewers and take an honest, hard look at how you are delivering your programs, communicating with your customers, and converting your prospects.

Think in your prospect’s perspective, and rate yourself on several features of your school that you know are important to your specific target audience. Where do you stand? What can you improve? How can you listen to your prospects and customers better and respond to their unmet needs? Where can you innovate to be competitive? Once you are certain you are delivering the highest quality you can, market your school to be recognized and ranked as the star-studded constellation you are.

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