Closing Techniques Tip: Qualified prospects like you to ask them if they are ready to commit to a visit or purchase. Believe it, it’s true.

A good closing question asks your prospect for a decision that is based upon all the educational information you have given them and the benefits to them of becoming your customer. You want a singular response to your closing question, that being “Yes”. Here are three different ways to comfortably ASK your prospects to act on your recommendation.

1.  Alternate Choice Method

This is the easiest kind of closing question to ask and the most comfortable for your prospect to answer. Your question states a choice about the visit or sale, and either answer means you have just scheduled a visit, or converted the prospect into a buyer.

Sample: “Would you like to schedule a visit for this Friday afternoon or would next week be better?”

2. Direct Method

The prospect who is very forthright and direct in his or her communication with you will not cower at your asking a direct closing question. Neither should you. This type of question is brief and to the point. Once answered, the decision is clear.

Sample: “Do you want to go ahead and get started today?”

3. Assumptive Method

When your prospect gives you buying signals that indicate he or she is really ready to make a decision, you can easily use what is called an assumptive closing question. This method assumes the prospect is ready to make the choice you want, and merely asks them a question that deals with the details of that positive assumption.

Sample: “We need to complete a little paperwork to confirm your decision. Would you like me to help you with it or would you like some privacy here in my office to complete it on your own?”

Closing Techniques Tip: Choose the type of closing question easiest for you to ask, and then practice with a friend or colleague until you can ask final closing questions comfortably and confidently.

Closing well is a skill that can significantly increase your sales performance and help you achieve your revenue goals. Using these methods of closing can help you become more successful at converting inquiries to visits and visits to sales secured. They also work when asking for permission to follow up with those prospects who are not yet ready to visit or buy.

As my colleague speaker and Chicken Soup for the Soul series co-author, Mark Victor Hansen, says, “You’ve gotta A-S-K to G-E-T!” To reach your sales goals, take that last step, and ask a closing question. When you do, you’ll find that getting to “Yes,” is easier than you think.

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