Are you looking for ways to market that take little time and less money, yet give you the kind of image and exposure that gives you a high return on your efforts? Good marketing messages that reach the right target audienceswith the most frequency are going to be the ones that generate the most inquiries. Each qualified inquiry they generate gives you another opportunity to reach your sales goals. If you do not yet have a your business name, and  a unique image and message or tagline, that you are using in each of the following simple ways to market, I have one question for you. What are you waiting for?

Telephone voice mail message – Make sure yours included your business name and tagline, and that it redirects callers to your web address until you can get back to them.

Email signature – Include your name, business name, logo, tagline, and any unique feature or announcement of upcoming events

Vehicle – Does your business vehicle have signage on sides and back that shows your business name, logo, tagline (if it fits) your phone number and your web address? If not, you are missing an opportunity for incredible frequency of message delivery about your business. Your vehicle is a rolling billboard. Use it.

Sign – Call the highway department to find out the number of vehicles that pass your business on a daily basis. Then pull your jaw back up and make sure you have a spectacular business sign positioned so passersby can see it easily.

Website – Though this involves some initial investment, a well-designed website will give you terrific return on that investment in inquiries, visits, and customer satisfaction. Remember, your home page is the most important page on your site.

Local Media – Make the press your marketing partner by initiating contact with local editors and reporters with information about your business and events. Make sure the information is unique, timely, and of interest to their reader/viewer/listener profile. Deliver it to them in their preferred format. The third party endorsement good publicity gives you can be a priceless return for merely a bit of your time.

Your Community – Whomever said there are diamonds in your own backyard had obviously mined some. So should you. Seek out community events that draw your target audiences. Then participate in a way that is visible to attendees and profitable for you.

Your most effective marketing efforts are not always the big ticket items. Adding these simple ways to market to your overall marketing action plan can mean big returns for very little effort.

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