In this column, I feature a product or service that can help you market your services and build enrollment. With health and safety being a concern of so many parents who inquire about enrollment, this month’s feature is a book called Preschool Health and Safety Matters by Jody Martin, Vice President of Education and Training at Creme de la Creme.

Early childhood educators are responsible for the health and safety of the children they care for. From preventing harm from known safety risks to promoting children’s medical, nutritional, oral, and mental health, educators and program directors act as children’s daily protection and support. This easy-to-use manual provides educators with the information they need to ensure that the children in their care are safe, while they are learning the best practices to stay healthy for life. It is filled with suggestions, ideas, activities, and ways to involve families at home.

 This book is available through Gryphon House

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