You know you need to create or update an image for your business, establish an effective web presence, get that brochure done, market your involvement in the next industry or community event, and do what it takes to get prospects coming your way. But WHEN can you get to it with everything else you have to do?

Effective marketing is an essential key to your business success. Yet, it’s so easy to back burner marketing when other parts of your business need your attention, staff issues take your time, you have family obligations, and oh, by the way, you have a “real life” separate from your business. Yet without the practice of good marketing and sales techniques, you cannot maximize the return on your investment your marketing efforts.

Here are some ways to help you make marketing and sales activities happen when time is of the essence:

1. Do a Marketing Action Plan. It’s your blueprint for marketing action, budget planning, and evaluation of results. Plan at least one marketing activity per quarter.

2. Make an appointment with yourself. Schedule your marketing activities, sales follow-up, and other promotional efforts just like you would an appointment with your doctor. Then keep your appointment. Though rescheduling is okay, cancellation is not an option.

3. Use a tickler system. Whether electronic or hardcopy, a tickler system will remind you of marketing and sales tasks needing your immediate attention. Calendars in Microsoft Outlook and other contact management systems are easy ways to make sure you are alerted as to deadlines, follow-up promises, and other commitments you have made to marketing toward reaching your revenue goals. If you do not have time to do follow-up, contact me to learn more about my Keep Me in Mind Marketing Service, which does it for you.

4. Get a marketing accountability partner. Enlist the help of a trusted friend or colleague to keep you accountable for the marketing activities you have listed in your Marketing Action Plan. It’s amazing how most of us will prioritize a task when we know we are accountable to someone for its completion.

If this is hard to do on your own, consider taking my one of my Marketing and Sales  TeleCourses. Before the first of the five classes, every participant is asked to find an accountability partner to help them stay on task with assigned marketing activities. It is always exciting to hear about all the marketing the participants really get accomplished during the course. I am convinced part of the reason they do is because they are held accountable. To learn more about this early education TeleCourse, visit

5. Just do it! Nike coined it, and I couldn’t say it better. Your commitment to creative, consistent, continual marketing will yield results that will help you achieve your goals for image recognition and give you the opportunity to convert more prospects into buyers. So take a deep breath and start marketing.

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