Whether you follow-up with personal calls, written communications, or directives to your web site; make sure the image you project is professional, creative and consistent. Use the same look and unique message everywhere your prospects and customers come in contact with the image of your business.

Something about you grabbed your prospects’ attention, or they would not have inquired. But advertising research shows that people forget fast. Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the Guerilla Marketing series, says most people are exposed to more than 1800 messages a day (and that is an old statistic, now it is more like 3,000). In order to intrude through the clutter, your follow-up must be consistent, with the same image and message throughout all your marketing efforts, so your prospects remember you and want to pursue the opportunity to visit you and consider becoming your customer.

Make every type of follow-up message your prospects encounter consistent with your image, and you will help create the kind of retention of that message that generates their desire for future contact with you.

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