When you give prospects information, only tell or send what they need to answer their questions and help them make a good buying decision. Once you have secured them as a customer, keep in mind that your competition doesn’t stop trying to lure them away. Keep in touch with your customers. If you periodically contact them with information of value to them, your percentage of customers remaining loyal will dramatically increase.

Valuable ways to follow-up with your prospects and customers:

    • send announcements of news you want to share
    • send articles of interest, noting you as the provider of this information
    • send thank you notes for referrals
    • call about an upcoming community marketing opportunity
    • invite customers to attend upcoming meetings and events that will be a good learning experience or a fun community event for them
    • send a brief, value-packed newsletter

Don’t always assume you know what information is of value to your prospects and customers. Do some research to determine what they perceive is truly valuable information.  Remember, their perception is their reality, and it’s that reality – not yours – upon which they base their buying decisions.

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