Closing the sale – asking your qualified prospects to visit you and then to buy from you – is like reaching the top step on a flight of stairs. If you do not take the final step in the sales interaction, chances are you will not reach the next level – that being to achieve your sales goals.

Closing is one of the most neglected or mistreated techniques in sales. Yet those people who close well, consistently convert more prospect into buyers than those who educate their prospects well, but who do not ASK for the visit or the sale.

Closing Techniques Tip: You must ASK or you are not closing.

Some people don’t ask closing questions because they feel it’s too pushy. Others are not confident in just how to ask. Some expect the prospect to take the initiative. Others just feel uncomfortable with that part of the sales process.

One of the best ways to gain comfort and confidence in asking prospects to visit, and then to buy, is to think of what “selling” really means. First toss away the image in your mind of you as the door-to-door salesman selling your prospects something they do not really want or need. Instead, recognize that your prospects have already contacted you with an interest in what you have to offer. They have called or emailed you, seen you at an event, or come for a visit because they want to.

With these prospects, your sales role is two-fold.

1. You need to help them make a good buying decision.

2. You need to get them to act on your recommendation.

When your other marketing efforts have positioned you as a knowledgeable, helpful resource they can trust, it is only natural that your prospects will expect you to help them make the best possible buying decision.

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