Value is getting more than you expected when you least expected it. Value is something all buyers and existing customers are seeking, now more than ever. They want to know you view them as special, you will go the extra distance for them, and you value their business.

While recently staying overnight in a hotel, I requested a wake-up call. At the requested time the next morning, the phone rang. When I answered , I got the recorded messaged now standard in many hotels that deliver this service. However, ten minutes later, I received a call from a person at the hotel front desk, calling just to make sure I had received my call and was now awake. My first thought was, “Wow! That was nice – and so unexpected!”

Little things like this can mean a lot in distinguishing how you deliver customer service compared to how your competitors do.

Are you treating your potential and existing customers like you really appreciate them and what they mean to your business? Once a week, ask yourself, “What have I done lately to show my prospects and customers how much I value them?”

Often, it is little things that make a difference. It might be you initiating a phone call to see how they are doing, you inviting them to join you at your business location when you are providing something valuable for them to learn, or you providing them with good resources. The opportunities to create value are endless.

When you practice a series of little things to take your prospect and customer service beyond expected to exceptional, you create more than buyers. You create the kind of customer delight that makes them your marketing partners in generating more inquiries, sales and referrals than you could ever develop on your own.

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