Here is a question asked by another director like you:
In an enrollment interview, how do I respond when a parent asks why we are more expensive than a nearby center ?

Julie’s Answer:
First you must know the benefits of your center that offer the prospect additional value. This has to be more than saying, “We have a quality program and fabulous teachers.” Do an analysis of just what makes you worth it in your prospect’s perspective. Do you have long-tenure, highly-trained teachers? Is your center accredited (and what does that insure)? Do you offer longer hours? Do you have ancillary programs included in your tuition fee? Do you have statistics regarding the success of your curriculum in preparing young children for kindergarten and beyond? Once you know what makes you different, or what I call your “Basic Competitive Advantages”, make each one into a benefit statement, so you can use those that address your prospect’s expressed needs.

When you know exactly what makes you worth it, and can put it in terms your prospect sees as valuable, this objection becomes much easier to overcome.

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