It has always surprised me that so many people who are confident in their products or services are hesitant to ask for referrals. They see it as too pushy or they are fearful that their own perception may be more positive than the opinion of others. Many business people will refer a good restaurant or movie more readily than their own company or products and services. If you are one of those people, you are missing a premiere opportunity to generate prospects for sales.

Ask for referrals. It’s a small way you can express the confidence you have in what your business offers. It’s also an extremely cost-effective marketing technique, because it can generate new prospects with very little extra effort. For example, in a follow up conversation with a prospect or customer, you could say, “When you come next time, I’ll show you how you can . . . (something of value to them).  By the way, who else do you know who might also be interested in what we have to offer? I’d be happy to give them a call and send information like I did for you.”

Let prospects and customers know if you have a referral program that offers a rebate or other rewards for referrals that convert into sales. Word of mouth is your most cost-effective advertising. If your services, products, and customer support are truly outstanding, you probably have customers who are telling other prospects how happy they are with you. By asking for those referrals, you are mining for gold in future sales.

So get out your picks and shovels and ask for those referrals!

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