Want to increase the rate of response to your ads? A good call-to-action can help you do that.

Whether you’re planning an ad for your local paper, an industry trade journal, a direct mail piece or even a flyer, remember that grabbing your prospect’s attention and holding their interest is only part of what’s needed to get the results you want.

If your ad copy and graphics have interested your prospects, they want to know, “What do I do next?” By Toss ‘Em Out, I mean tell your prospects how to proceed. A call-to-action is a brief final persuasive statement that tells the reader what to do next to inquire about or purchase your products or services. Make it directive versus merely informative. A strategically placed phrase, such as “Call today to schedule a visit” will make your telephone ring far more than a statement in your ad copy that says “We welcome you to stop by.”

List alternate methods of contact in your ads, such as your e-mail address and toll-free telephone number, to give your prospects choices on how to move forward toward a purchase from you.

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(The above statement is a call-to-action.)

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