When a prospect calls or visits you, one of your first steps in a good sales approach is to assess their needs. Determining their desires to satisfy and problems to solve will help you know what to present to them as the benefits of buying from you.

As you are conversing with your prospects, it is tempting to go on and on about the benefits and rewards of doing business with you. Though good information, this approach does more telling than selling.

Here’s a technique that can help you more effectively move toward your goal of selling. I call it the “Ask-Ask-Educate Technique.” After your initial greeting, begin your conversation by ASKING your prospect a general question, such as,

“What specifically are you looking for?”

Let them respond. Then ASK another question before you begin to educate them at all. Depending upon your prospect’s response, your second question could be,

“Where are you in your search?” or “Where else have you visited thus far?”

After they answer, you then begin to offer information to educate them.

As your conversation progresses, continue to use the Ask-Ask-Educate Technique. Use questions like, “What concerns do you have at this point?” and “What besides quality is important in your buying decision?”

When you ask two questions and then listen carefully before you educate; you will discover that your prospect usually TELLS you how to SELL him or her.

Watch your prospect for glossy or wandering eyes or too many “Hmm-Mmm’s,” and you will know it’s time to stop and Ask-Ask before you continue to Educate.

Best wishes and happy marketing!

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