Are you looking for a way to advertise your business other than purchasing space in publications?

Advertising is communicating your message through print, broadcast or electronic media, with the intent of informing your prospects about you and persuading them to inquire or purchase. Carefully selected advertising mediums, such as industry trade journals, local newspapers, the Internet, etc. have their place as effective methods of marketing. However, there are many lower-cost forms of accomplishing your advertising goal that, when combined with other forms of marketing communications, can give you great reach and frequency of your message.

  1. Voice mail. Does your message include your company name and your web address?
  2. Email signature. If your business email signature does not include your company name and tagline, and multiple ways to contact you, you are missing a cost-efficient method of advertising.
  3. Advertorials. Though these are paid advertising, they have an editorial look and read, and can thus be perceived by readers as publicity. This gives you the third party endorsement benefit of publicity coupled with the advertising advantage of being able to include all the information you want to communicate.
  4. Premiums. Hats, bags, stickers, notepads, pens, and cups are examples of an array of smaller items that can be distributed to prospects and customers to remind them of you. Be sure all display your company name, phone and web address.
  5. Business Card. Your business card is your most cost-effective marketing tool. ALWAYS carry some with you. Give them out freely, giving people two – one to keep and one to pass along.
  6. Pay Per Click Ads. Another paid method of advertising, but one that you should REALLY consider. When it comes to drawing leads to your Child Care Center PPC Advertising is a great option because it is quite literally guaranteed traffic for your money, in that  you ONLY pay for the clicks you receive!  The more specified you can become with niche markets based on your industry and geographic location – the less expensive the ads will be.

When you think about advertising, think beyond publications and banners and flyers to the endless methods you can use to inform and persuade your target audiences without eating into the budget you need for other forms of marketing.

Julie Wassom