Picking right up where we left off with the last blog: How To Get Good Press – here are a few more methods not to be ignored.

Press Release
The most common way for you to provide detailed information to media contacts is with a press release. Whether you email it , fax it , or send it in hard copy, use standard press release format and double space it, making it no more than two pages. If you will be faxing or mailing your release through regular mail, print it out on 8-1/2 X 11 white paper.

List the most important points about your event or information at the beginning of the release, and list other points in descending order of importance. Think who, what, where, when, and why. Since reporters have license to edit what you give them for space, clarity, and story angle, this inverted pyramid style helps them quickly recognize what is least important and can be deleted.

Media Kit
A media kit is the package of materials you send to the media along with your press release. Your media kit can include:
* press release
* fact sheet (A brief piece that can be viewed quickly by the media to answer the questions who, what, when, where, why)
* photos applicable to the submitted information (Be sure you have permission from those in the photos to submit them for publication, and that the photos meet the outlet’s size requirements)
* background information on your center, child care home, or ECE program – a company brochure is fine.
* your contact information (Always include at least two ways to reach you).

Always include a brief cover letter with a strong first sentence that hooks the editor into wanting to read more of your information. For example, What is sticky, gooey, and oh, so much fun? Mud Day at ABC Learning Dock, that’s what!

Depending on the media outlet’s preference, your media kit can be sent via email with attachments or placed in a pocket folder and sent in the mail.

Once you have sent your media kit, make a follow-up call within a few days to make sure the information was received. Offer to provide any additional information the reporter might need.

Social Media
It would be a great injustice to talk about how to get good press and ignore arguably the most influential method out there today for communicating with everyone from customers, to companies and members of the press.

Whatever media kit you come up with, you will want to be able to digitize it and great a web-based version to not only put on your website, but also to be able to promote via social media. Stick with the traditional ones – Facebook, Twitter and especially LinkedIn – when it comes to announcing your media kits and press releases as your audience will be most receptive here.

No matter where you post your information always make sure there is a share button on the page as you will be extremely surprised just how many people will click it to either share with a friend, or re-post to their own social sites.

Another great place to help generate good press for your and your child care center is http://HelpAReporterOut.com – reporters regularly need experts to quote in their news stories and articles. This website helps to bridge together those who have the expertise in a multitude of fields (yes, including child care) with reporters seeking said expert for their story.  I have heard of people even ending up on CNN as a result of this website – that kind of good press for your center cannot be bought!

In any case, when you receive good publicity, be sure to call or write the reporter to thank him or her. A few words of appreciation can go a long way toward their remembering you in your future attempts to generate publicity in their publication or online outlets, or on their broadcast station.

Getting positive press for your early care and education program is a way to make marketing easier and more effective. The effort you spend doing so will help you generate new prospects and referrals for enrollment.

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