If you’re like many center directors, asking a prospective enrollee to come in for a center visit or to enroll can seem abrupt and uncomfortable. Yet, it is these closing questions that help you reach your goal of securing a center visit or the enrollment. Your asking prospects a closing question helps them to act on all the recommendations you have given them. It actually helps them make an important decision.

If there were a way to make closing questions easier to ask, and parents more ready to be asked them, would you want to know it? Well, there is. I call the technique asking trial closing or agreement questions throughout the inquiry call or center visit.

A trial close is a question that merely asks your prospect if they agree with what you have just told them. It is asked after a benefit explanation, but before you ask a final close that requests their decision to visit or enroll. For instance, you might say, “Emma will have an experienced teacher who has been here for seven years. She loves teaching the three year olds. Is that kind of teacher experience and tenure important to you?” The trial closing question is, “Is that kind of teacher experience and tenure important to you?” Most prospects will reply to that question with, “Yes.” The more they say “Yes” to agreement questions you have asked, the easier it will be for them to say “Yes,” when you ask them a final closing question. And the easier it will be for you to ask that final close.

Trial closing questions should be asked periodically throughout the enrollment conversation. They help reassure the prospect that the decision you are leading them toward is a good one for them and their child. And they help you to know if your prospect actually agrees with what you are explaining or whether you need to take a different direction with the enrollment interview.

Try asking trial closing questions in your next enrollment call or visit. The ease with which they help you get to that final “Yes” will be a welcome way to convert more calls and visits with less effort and greater skill.

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