1. What Your Handshake Communicates Before You Say a Word

One of the most professional gestures you can make when a visiting parent walks into your center is to look right at her and extend your hand inviting her to shake yours. However, there are two kinds of handshakes. One is what I call “the firm”. The other, much less desirable handshake, is what I call, “the fish”.

Which one is yours?

2. Is Your Voice Mail Message Marketing For You?

What message do your callers hear when they call for you, but get your voice mail instead? You can use this message as one more way to communicate your center, your unique image, and your positioning as a helpful expert in the early care and education industry.

3. Power Pack Your Center Brochure | The Guidelines To Follow

Whether you hire professional assistance or do it yourself, follow these tips for developing a brochure that does a more effective job of hooking the reader’s attention and moving them to your desired course of action.

4. Branding Your Early Child Care and Education Business Without Getting Burned

Branding in the early child care and education marketplace is very similar to branding on the farm. It refers to the specific image your company develops and promotes to make your services unique, recognizable, and memorable in the minds of your prospects and customers.

5. Power Pack Your Center Brochure | The Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

A child care center brochure can be a valuable marketing tool or an expensive waste of time and resources. When people in your target market need more information about your center’s services, a brochure is an easy way to provide that education while enticing them to learn more. However, to a prospective customer, a powerful brochure can put you in the running while a weak one can eliminate you on the first cut.

Happy marketing!

-Julie Wassom