This week’s tip is an easy marketing action that can make an impressive difference in the spaced repetition of your message (the key to retention) to your prospects, customers, and opinion influencers. What is that? Your voice mail message.

What message do your callers hear when they call for you, but get your voice mail instead? You can use this message as one more way to communicate your center, your unique image, and your positioning as a helpful expert in the early care and education industry.

On your voice mail message, be sure to include:
·         a pleasant greeting
·         the name of your center or school
·         your name
·         an image message (such as your tagline) if you have one
·         statement of your unavailability and
·         request to leave a message with phone number for you to return the call and best time to call
·         approximate time when you will be returning or available
·         statement to check your website
·         pleasant closing – good is you repeat your center name

Does this sound like a lot? It might to you, but to the caller who did not get to talk to you personally, it sounds professional, courteous, and welcoming.

Here’s a fictitious example that you can adapt:

“Hello. You’ve reached Sue at Best Ever Child Care. We’re not available right now, but your call is very important to us. Please leave your name and number, and the best time for us to return your call. We expect to be available shortly. In the meantime, do check our website at Thank you for calling Best Ever Child Care, Where We Really Care.”

If you are not using your voice mail message to market your center, you are missing an opportunity for cost-effective marketing.

Have a great week, and happy enrollment building!

Julie Wassom
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